Chamberlain Property Co


Testimonial from a vendor we purchased a property from 

I was very pleased with the level of communication kept up throughout the trsaction – which unfortunatly became more predacted than anyone wanted due to the issues the pandemic threw out. You were very responsive and kept us up to date with what you were trying to achieve along the way.

Your level of enthusiasm for the propery and its social history was also nice to see. We appreciated the information and correspondance on this both during the purchase and also after your work was complete. Thankyou for being such a responsible purchaser.

Mrs H Pontefract


Investor Testimonial

“I have known Greg for some 12 years. I have trust in what he is developing with Chamberlain and following my investment I have received the agreed interest payments on time”

Mr N Brown, Antibes



Investor Testimonial

"I am pleased with my investment into Chamberlain Property Co which I have held since April 2020. I have received interest payments due on time and I have trust in what Greg and his team are developing. Long may it continue" 

Mr D Henderson, Buxton, Derbyshire



Investor Testimonial 

"My partner has been investing with Greg for a number of years and advised me to do the same. My experience with Greg and his company has been a good one. He is quick to respond if you have any questions or queries and I have received all monies promptly without having to remind him. I have just renewed my investment with him and would have no issues in recommending him”

Mrs H Prince, Derbyshire



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