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Mansion House Apartment


We acquired this property within this historic building in 2019 located in a conservation area. The building itself was designed by Architect & Surveyor William Jenkins of Bennetts Hill in Birmingham and the plans approved in 1896.

The house was built for wealthy businessman George Edwin Lowe and his wife Florence Lowe. Upon Mr Lowes death in 1927 the house was left to his wife with Mr Lowe’s estate being valued at £643,207. According to the bank of England’s average rate of inflation the estate would be worth an estimated £41,000,000 today.

Mrs Lowe eventually “gifted” the house to the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield and for many years was used as a maternity hospital before becoming offices for the local council. Eventually a housing association purchased the building from the council in the 1980’s and converted it into apartments. Thereafter each of the apartments were sold off to private individuals.

We have carried out an extensive renovation retaining all the original features such as the stucco ceiling, wooden panelling and stunning stained glass above the timber sash windows.



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